Planty homes
Planty Homes User Application
UI/UX & Product designer
2024 (Mar - Apr)
Mobile App
Project Overview
Planty Homes is a mobile application designed to connect plant enthusiasts with local nurseries. Users can browse and purchase a wide variety of plants, pots, and other gardening products directly from nearby nurseries. The app also provides detailed information about each nursery, including their offerings and customer reviews. The order flow is designed to be user-friendly, similar to popular food delivery apps like Zomato.

Target Audience: Plant enthusiasts, home gardeners, and anyone interested in purchasing plants and gardening supplies.
Problem Statement
Many plant lovers face challenges in finding nearby nurseries that offer a wide variety of plants and gardening products. Traditional methods of purchasing plants often involve time-consuming trips to multiple nurseries. Planty Homes addresses this problem by providing a convenient platform where users can discover, compare, and purchase plants from local nurseries.
Quantitative Research
We conducted on online survey with 10 users who fall in our target demographic
User Needs
Users need an easy way to discover local nurseries and browse their plant and gardening product offerings without having to visit multiple locations physically.
Detailed product descriptions, images, and user reviews are crucial for making informed purchase decisions.
They desire features like order tracking, delivery options, and secure payment methods.
Users need an app that is accessible to individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can navigate and use the platform effectively.
Competitor Analysis
The Sill
The Sill is a popular online plant store known for its curated selection of indoor plants and stylish pots. They emphasize plant care education and offer various resources to help customers become successful plant parents.
Features :
Curated Plant Selection: Focuses on a range of easy-to-care-for indoor plants.
Plant Care Resources: Provides detailed care instructions, workshops, and plant care guides.
Subscription Service: Offers a subscription service for monthly plant deliveries.
Bloomscape is an online plant delivery service that offers a wide variety of plants, from easy-care houseplants to more exotic species. They focus on delivering healthy plants directly from their greenhouse to the customer’s doorstep.
Features :
Wide Plant Variety: Offers a diverse selection of plants, including indoor, outdoor, and pet-friendly options.
Healthy Plant Guarantee: Ensures plants are shipped in optimal condition with a guarantee for healthy delivery.
Care Instructions: Each plant comes with specific care instructions and tips.
Unique Features
Users can easily find and browse nearby nurseries based on their location, supporting local businesses.
Comprehensive profiles for each nursery, including product listings, operating hours, customer reviews, and ratings.
Tailored suggestions based on user preferences, past purchases, and browsing history.
User-generated reviews and ratings to help customers make informed decisions.
Detailed care instructions for each plant, along with tips and resources for plant maintenance.
User Persona
User journey map
Digital screens
Implementing a Search and Filter Feature:
Decision: We added a robust search and filter functionality to help users quickly find specific plants, pots, or nurseries.

Rationale: Our user research indicated that plant enthusiasts often have particular plants in mind when shopping. A powerful search tool, combined with filters for plant type, size, price, and nursery location, enhances the user experience by making it easy to locate desired items.
Creating Detailed Nursery Profiles:
Decision: Each nursery on our platform has a comprehensive profile page showcasing their products, customer reviews, ratings, and additional information like operating hours and delivery options.

Rationale: Detailed profiles help users make informed decisions by providing all necessary information in one place. This transparency builds trust and encourages users to purchase from nurseries with high ratings and positive reviews.
Primary Navigation flow
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